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Free Professional Analysis and Proposal

Free Professional Analysis and Proposal
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Is the sun hot or cold?

Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Benjamin Warren Productions, LLC
  • Topper Publications
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure™
  • Relax In Comfort
  • On the Mark Investments Corp.
  • The Coffee Cafe
  • Parker Eye Center
  • Lake Mary Life Magazine
  • Nex Gen Motorsports
  • Formosa Homes™
  • Two Left Feet Events
  • Hello USA and Hello Florida
  • Yellow Stripes Making the Driver
  • Mid Florida Dermatology Associates
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Florida Investment Property Renovations
  • Logan Eye Care
  • Dean Johnston, M.D., F.A.C.S., Inc.

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Success Stories and Credibility

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Black Eyed Peas Logo
  • Live Nation Logo
  • Hello USA Logo
  • NBC Universal Orlando Resort
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo
  • Mary J Blige Logo
  • National Retail Federation Logo
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Universal Studios

About Us

Our Mission

To be identified as the most recognized name that efficiently and effectively helps businesses, and individuals, maximize their advertising and marketing efforts. We do so by streamlining the entire development process from concept to final product and beyond. We will exceed customer expectations by providing quality customer service, a valuable education, and an overall pleasant experience.

To help businesses, and individuals, maximize their advertising and marketing efforts thru a turn key print, web and video development solution service that surpasses all expectations; from concept to final product, and beyond.

Giving a "brand" new image.

It is essential to establish your brand and exploit it to the best of its capabilities. To promote a brand that is lesser quality than your product or service can turn a smallest of pot holes into a giant crater. Our aim is to create awareness around the importance of having a powerful and moving brand.

Long ago during the evolutionary stages of our business model we came to realize that as we worked on projects many customers were so involved with their business that they were unaware of the message that their brand portrayed. After fulfilling their needs our customers found us to be of utmost quality and customer service combined with free advice toward a better future for their brand. Our free education and advice exceeded their expectations and continuously they continued to come back for more thoughts and ideas as they explored new and exciting ventures.

Building relationships through branding helps our customers see the big picture. The more we know about our customers the better we can service them. We invite everyone to share in the Digi Craft experience! We never get tired of Giving a "brand" new image

Your Success is Our Success

So is Digi Craft really any good? What if I'm not satisfied with my marketing and advertising campaign? Campaigns of this nature are timely and a considerable investment. It's difficult to part with your time and money and great consideration must be taken. Even after consultations and thorough discussions, you ultimately need to take a chance on whichever design company you choose to partner with. It is unreasonable to say that Digi Craft can make this partnership and campaign 100% risk free, however, we do whatever it takes to minimize the feeling of buyer's remorse. Aside from your signed engagement agreement our campaigns are geared toward performance. Make us earn your business after each step of the campaign's development process.

Furthermore, we cannot accept full payment when dealing with a campaign of this magnitude. We also refuse payment for any phase of the project until it is accepted and approved. Of course, you are always allowed to refuse to accept the latest phase of development and take with you all approved and paid for development. We cannot refund payments on approved work, but you will not be required to pay for anything you do not approve of. If you choose to take the project and run, we make the pick up process easy for any other design firm. From the first day of production, your site is optimized for ease of production by any trained professional.

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Digi Craft guarantees that you will be completely satisfied with the appeal, quality, and ease of use of your Website.

Digi Craft wants to see your business continue its success with your new

Website. Digi Craft wants this to be a relationship of trust and reliability.

You can be rest assured you are in great hands.

Thank you for choosing Digi Craft.

Not All Companies Are The Same

Creative Marketing and Advertising

Not all companies are the same - Digi Craft sets the standard for Online Marketing and Advertising with websites and ecommerce.

Adwords Qualified Company - Google

Google Adwords Certified Partner

Microsoft Advertising

Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Hot Campaign Technology

"The Next Level Of Monetization"

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