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Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Benjamin Warren Productions, LLC
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • The Coffee Cafe
  • Yellow Stripes Making the Driver
  • Mid Florida Dermatology Associates
  • Nex Gen Motorsports
  • Hello USA and Hello Florida
  • Relax In Comfort
  • Parker Eye Center
  • On the Mark Investments Corp.
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure™
  • Florida Investment Property Renovations
  • Formosa Homes™
  • Dean Johnston, M.D., F.A.C.S., Inc.
  • Two Left Feet Events
  • Topper Publications
  • Lake Mary Life Magazine
  • Logan Eye Care

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Success Stories and Credibility

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Black Eyed Peas Logo
  • Live Nation Logo
  • Hello USA Logo
  • NBC Universal Orlando Resort
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo
  • Mary J Blige Logo
  • National Retail Federation Logo
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Universal Studios

Motion Graphics

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Our motion graphics department has the ability to bring that polished look to your video. We can design 3D and 2D logo animation bumpers, animated lower thirds, enhance your live concert/event, and much more.

Motion Graphics is the generic term for any sort of animated graphic design, typography, and/or layering of moving elements. This includes 'compositing' the technique of shooting a subject in front of a blue or green screen then 'keying' out the background color and replacing it with another scene.

Another term for motion graphics is 2D animation, not to be confused with cell animation the art of drawing characters in sequence (The Simpsons) or 3D animation (Toy Story) where the entire scene is computer generated.

We can help create animated lower thirds, or chyrons, for names and titles. In the television industry, a lower third is a graphic placed in the lower area of the screen, though not necessarily the entire lower third of it as the name suggests.

We have created motion graphics that sync up to music for many famous artists. Some of the more popular artists we have had the opportunity to work with have been the Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z, just to name a few. We work hand in hand with the tour manager and the artist to deliver stunning motion graphics while utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

In today's world of integrated digital media motion graphics brings together all the visual elements such as rendered 3D objects, film and video sequences, cell animation, etc. combining them together with animated typography and effects.

Our primary tools for motion graphics are:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Flash
  • Motion
  • Shake
  • 3D Studio
  • Maya


3D Modeling & 3D Animation

Our 3D department can create custom 3D models for many different types of use. We have reconstructed logos into 3D space, web site designs, product prototypes, animations, accident reconstruction, architectural and any project that requires 3D representation of an object or a surrounding.

We also offer digitizing services for your sculptures, statues, physical products and just about any other real world object you need converted to a digital 3D file. Our 3D models and environments are always fully textured and are offered in multiple file formats.

3D Shading and Lighting

The most important part about making any 3D scene to be believable relies on the look and feel of that scene. In order to accomplish this correctly you need to have the proper team working on your 3D scene to create the environment. We can create photorealistic environments or cartoon like environments. We also have the ability to composite an artificial object or environment into something that we have shot using green or blue screen technology. Our on-set team works hand in hand with our off-set team to ensure the look and feel match.

3D Animation

It is important to hire a great animator. The realism relies on their added touch. We understand the basics and advanced principles of animation. If you are looking to animate your logo or add a special effect to a section of your project we can help you get exactly what you need. For any animation project we require storyboards to be done first in order to make sure our animators are creating what is required. You can bring storyboards to our team or we can make them for you. Animation can take only a few hours or a few months depending on the complexity of the project so it is very important to storyboard everything and plan accordingly.

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