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Free Professional Analysis and Proposal
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Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Topper Publications
  • The Coffee Cafe
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Florida Investment Property Renovations
  • Benjamin Warren Productions, LLC
  • Lake Mary Life Magazine
  • Two Left Feet Events
  • Yellow Stripes Making the Driver
  • Dean Johnston, M.D., F.A.C.S., Inc.
  • Hello USA and Hello Florida
  • Relax In Comfort
  • Nex Gen Motorsports
  • Mid Florida Dermatology Associates
  • Logan Eye Care
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure™
  • Parker Eye Center
  • On the Mark Investments Corp.
  • Formosa Homes™

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Testimonials From Our Customers
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  • Disney Adventures Magazine
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Call Center Development

Call Center

Skyrocket to the Next Level

Call center development is important to the continued success and advancement of many companies. We have a talented staff of sales executives that have experience in training sales people, developing sales strategies, maintaing call logs and closing call ratios.

Most importantly Digi Craft gets your phones ringing. When you enroll into our lead generation services we can make your phone ring like no other, it makes sense to have the same company develop techniques to effectively grow your business. We feel the quickest, easiest, way to grow your business is with the implementation of a call center.

In many cases our strong market performance requires the use of a direct response call center. It's not far fetched for a start up company can to turn into a million dollar success over night. The same is true for existing companies with little, or no, internet presence. If this is the case, we recommend to enhance your sales force with a call center.

Our technology is custom software built with backend administrative capabilities to fully optimize any sales orientated call center environment. Our technology is an online web application and depending on how you want to run your business you could be located anywhere in the world and still effectively manage your call center.

Sales people and account administrators can provide up to the minute solutions for their callers needs. The flexibility of our web application allows you to have sales people working from anywhere in the world. We have different subscription packages available to help cater to your sales and administrative work force. Sales ratios, accounting, calls, missed calls, messages, emails and other account information is made available through your secured account login which is accessible through our online portal.

We do recommend having a call center that is well organized and in a stable environment that positively influences sales people to work diligently and deliver sales. Digi Craft is set up to delivery high volume of inbound sale calls. Our marketing and advertising formulas deliver monumental interest in your products and services, a call center is necessary to be most effective.

Your company will reap the benefits of having a partner that produces higher call-to-close / close-to-lead ratios in the industry and we do so by offering the highest level of sales training. Your success and achievement is what we enjoy and pride ourselves on, packaged in our call center development program is a sales and training seminar at your business. This is just one of the many perks of becoming a partner with Digi Craft.

Whether its just 2 people or 50 people we can help you take your company to the next level.

Click / Call Tracking

Maximize your advertising campaigns by enhancing your sales effectiveness. Track your calls, compare them to the amount of clicks your online ads receive and compare those figures to your number of website visitors. Get the most out of your investment by fine tuning all areas of your marketing and sales campaign.

Not All Companies Are The Same

Creative Marketing and Advertising

Not all companies are the same - Digi Craft sets the standard for Online Marketing and Advertising with websites and ecommerce.

Adwords Qualified Company - Google

Google Adwords Certified Partner

Microsoft Advertising

Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Hot Campaign Technology

"The Next Level Of Monetization"

Multi Channel Advertise
Increase Performance
Manage Sales People
Combine CRM & Sales
Gain Market Share
Analytical Data

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