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Free Professional Analysis and Proposal

Free Professional Analysis and Proposal
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Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • The Coffee Cafe
  • Formosa Homes™
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Benjamin Warren Productions, LLC
  • Parker Eye Center
  • Logan Eye Care
  • Yellow Stripes Making the Driver
  • Lake Mary Life Magazine
  • Relax In Comfort
  • Florida Investment Property Renovations
  • Topper Publications
  • Nex Gen Motorsports
  • On the Mark Investments Corp.
  • Dean Johnston, M.D., F.A.C.S., Inc.
  • Two Left Feet Events
  • Hello USA and Hello Florida
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure™
  • Mid Florida Dermatology Associates

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Success Stories and Credibility

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Black Eyed Peas Logo
  • Live Nation Logo
  • Hello USA Logo
  • NBC Universal Orlando Resort
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo
  • Mary J Blige Logo
  • National Retail Federation Logo
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Universal Studios

Video Production

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16 Second Stare - Red Carpet Material:

Ready, Set, Action!

Digi Craft since 2003 is proud to offer high quality video production services. We would also like you to be aware that all of our production services are all done under one roof.

While we excel at the high-end corporate videos we can fulfill any broadcast or TV commercial from a small 30 second all the way up to a 30 minute infomercial or a 13 episode reality TV series.

Our list of clients include Fortune 500 companies, medium sized enterprises and small businesses. Our experienced staff can offer the high quality video production, motion graphics and animation for all types of budgets. We have worked with budgets as small as $1,500 to as large as $250k plus.

Pre Production

Before We "Roll Tape" Let's Get A Few Things Straight

Pre Production could be one of the most overlooked areas of production because it involves a lot of planning and is done before anything is shot. Locations must be planned an arranged, permits have to be obtain, the set has to be perfect, the story boards need to be completed accordingly, the crew must be arranged and assembled, and we have to have the proper equipment to make sure everything flows smoothly or major problems could happen.

Our Digi Craft film crew has years of experience on all types of productions; films, commercials, corporate videos, reality TV shows, music videos, promos, PSA's and more.

Post Production

Can't You Just Fix It In Editing?

Our post production department is tightly woven with other part of our company. Our post product staff utilizes the most state of the art software such as Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio, Maya, Shake and Flash.

We have the skills required to accomplish about anything with good video content. Thats why it is so important to have Digi Craft perform your pre and post production. Working from pre to post we are able to maximize your budget and deliver a final product that exceeds all expectations!

Offline & Online Editing

Offline And Online Editing
Offline and online editing refer to a traditional two stage process in post production, although in today's ultra-flexible world of video editing, the two worlds are soon merging, but it is important to do offline and online editing to achieve better picture quality.

The Short Answer
Offline editing is the primary stage of editing, traditionally done at a low resolution. Online editing is the final stage of editing- the edit is reconstructed and finished at high resolution, and usually done on a more "fully featured" and expensive editing system. On the other hand, both the offline and online can happen on the same system. The offline would be done at high compression (lower resolution), then for the online stage the edited sequence is re-captured at low or no compression for high quality output.

Not All Companies Are The Same

Creative Marketing and Advertising

Not all companies are the same - Digi Craft sets the standard for Online Marketing and Advertising with websites and ecommerce.

Adwords Qualified Company - Google

Google Adwords Certified Partner

Microsoft Advertising

Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Hot Campaign Technology

"The Next Level Of Monetization"

Multi Channel Advertise
Increase Performance
Manage Sales People
Combine CRM & Sales
Gain Market Share
Analytical Data

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