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Testimonials From Our Customers
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How Will Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Work For Me?

Frequently Ask Questions About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the technique of organizing and displaying the important information in a matter that is easily converted into search engine results. The process of generating a search result is done by search engine spiders. Exceptional SEO practices results in an increase in the amount of quality traffic to a website from organic (natural or algorithmic) search engine results. Typically the sooner a site is displayed in search engine results, or the higher it "ranks" within the results, there is a better chance of increasing the number of visitors to that particular website. Targeting different search queries, image and video searches, local geographic searches and industry-specific searches are all influenced by SEO through meta information, quality links and unique content.

Below are other commonly asked questions, click for more information:

  1. What are keywords and meta data?
  2. How does Digi Craft find the best keywords to target?
  3. What are negative keywords and how do they affect my ranking?
  4. Why should Digi Craft modify your website page titles?
  5. Why do I need to have a description for my website?
  6. Do I need to have "SEO Friendly" or "Clean" URL's throughout my website?
  7. What is considered most important for website optimization?
  8. What is PageRank and how does it work?
  9. Do I need inbound and outbound links to and from my website?
  10. What are SEO driving articles and how do they help with PageRank?
  11. My website ranking dropped, what could have happened?
  12. What are the main differences between Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo! search engines?
  13. What is the future of SEO?

1. What are keywords and meta data?
Keywords are references to the content and/or any type of meta component included within a website's HTML code and it's main purpose is to help with the website's page indexing. Keyword meta components generally include several comma separated keywords and keyword phrases. Optimizing your keywords for SEO and for paid campaigns is very important to the quality of any search engine referred visitor to your website.

Meta components provide information about any given webpage and generally help search engines categorize them correctly. Meta components are inserted into your website by a web developer and are not directly visible to the average web user visiting your website.

Marketing research will go to show you the significance of having well researched and effectively implemented Meta components within your website. The many different ways this information can be integrated into any website has ultimately helped gain higher rankings among the major search engines. Dating back to the late 1990's, search engines relied on Meta information in order to correctly classify a webpage and this was when webmasters adapted quickly to the significance of having the right Meta components which lead to a higher site rank among search engines and thus driving more traffic to their websites.

Since the late 1990's there have been substantial improvements on the way search engines utilize the meta components of a website in order to obtain better rankings. The major search engines have advanced the development of their search engine spiders and have become much more sophisticated. This was in part due to the nearly infinite re-occurrence (keyword stuffing) of meta elements and/or by attempts of unscrupulous website placement consultants to manipulate (spamdexing) or otherwise circumvent search engine ranking algorithms.

Today search engines don't care much about meta keywords, in fact they actually uses the meta description as the site information below a result. Search engines mostly rely on the quality and quantity of content within a website.

We at Digi Craft work closely with search engines and we are continuously updating our SEO practices in order to remain leaders in the SEO industry. Also, we have been building websites for over 10 years and have used this experience in hand with our SEO technology in order to utilize keyword and meta components properly and effectively within our clients websites.

2. How does Digi Craft find the best keywords to target?
The "best" keyword depends on the following main factors:

  1. The amount of traffic it will generate.
    We have developed our own SEO software that allows us to do relevant searches to determine competitors keywords that are driving large volumes of traffic and do a cross reference comparison with your website. If you use Digi Craft's website statistics software you are able to determine how many people per month visit a certain website based off of the keywords that are being used. Our proprietary software then gives us information about suggested keywords that will help keep our clients many steps ahead of their competition. More importantly we have the ability to create the proper keywords that will not only drive more traffic but also increase the quality of the visitor to your website which in turn will help with your conversion ratio
  2. The difficulty of attaining a top ranking.
    Through organic (natural or algorithmic) search engine results it is impossible to guarantee the number one spot or to guarantee being listed on the first page for any particular keyword. It all depends upon the popularity of a particular keyword or key phrase. If you have the need to be at the top of the ranks with a very common keyword you may consider signing up with one of our Digi Craft paid campaigns. We also have a full report of your ranking status that can date back to the beginning of your relationship with Digi Craft.
  3. The profitability of that keyword.
    As stated above it's very important to convert your website visitor. It is more important to have a higher conversion ratio versus a lot of traffic and little to none conversions. There are keywords that will drive thousands of visitors to your website but only one may convert. Our software can help develop a campaign that may only drive a couple hundred, high quality, visitors which will ultimately increase your conversion ratio. Our paid campaigns have a very detailed report for conversion ratios versus the cost per impression and click throughs.

3. What are negative keywords and how do they affect my ranking?
These types of keywords are generally used in any type of paid campaign. When you add a keyword in as a negative keyword it will eliminate your online advertisement from showing for those particular keywords. The way negative keywords help is by filtering out unwanted impressions. These negative keywords can also help you reach the most appropriate prospects, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.

Example: The negative keyword -big sale would prevent your ads from showing on any search queries containing the terms big and sale. It wouldn't prevent your ads from showing on variations of these terms, however. It also wouldn't prevent your ads from showing on search queries that only contain one of the terms.

For instance, the search queries one-day sale and big deal could trigger your ads, while big one-day sale could not.

4. Why should Digi Craft modify your website page titles?
The title of each page in your website is very important to the success of your SEO efforts. The fact is that search engines use your page title as the title of the search listing

There are three main purposes of having a website page title:

  1. Defines a title in the user's browser window toolbar
  2. Provides a title for the page when it is added to a user's favorites
  3. Displays a title for the page in search engine results

It is important to continuously monitor and update your title in order to rank well with the search engines. We will work with your website to write a descriptive title tag based on your industry, keywords, key phrases and subject matter. We make sure to follow all search engine compliances when constructing a websites title and our proprietary software helps keep track of the search engine ranking once we have implemented an updated title.

5. Why do I need to have a description for my website?
Having a properly written description is important for two reasons:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Visitors to your website

When a search engine creates a result each listing has a brief description that corresponds to the keywords used for the search. Digi Craft works with your website to create a description with an appropriate call to action for a user to act on when your website has come up in the search. Our team of professionals help with creating the right description for your website and we know and understand the limitations with descriptions. For example: If you try to make your description only for search engines you will see a very low click through on your search results you may come higher up on search results for a while though but you will lose in longer as run as search engines push you back if they see that you have a low click through when user was presented your link in search results.

We offer a custom SEO plan that will allow your website to have unique descriptions for each and every page of your website. This will dramatically increase your website's ranking among search engines and will help increase the quality and amount of visitors to that particular page.

It is important to have a team of professionals there to help assist you with maintaining and increasing your ranking through proper SEO practices.

6. Do I need to have "SEO Friendly" or "Clean" URL's throughout my website?
Digi Craft knows how important it is to have "SEO Friendly" or "Clean" URL's throughout every page within your website. This can be a pretty large undertaking for websites that may have more then 15-20 pages. By making a URL "SEO friendly" it makes it easier for search engine spiders to crawl your website and give some points on the relevancy of the URL as it contains the keywords included in the search by the user. We also follow search engine compliances when we develop the new "SEO friendly" URL's.

Bad URL Example:

SEO Friendly URL Example:

7. What is considered most important for website optimization?

  1. Content
    It is very important to have unique content through out your website. Adding this content on a regular basis will also be helpful to maintaining your websites ranking. Our Digi Craft team will help consult, create and implement content that will help drive more qualified traffic to your website. We have the experience and knowledge to help implement keywords through out your websites content without it appearing as spam to the search engines. It is equally important to have unique content and we can't stress that enough. Some websites have been taken off the map for being duplicate web pages because search engines have erased the duplicated website's content from their index.
  2. Weight Factors
    Digi Craft assists with placing targeted keywords through out your website with the SEO friendly meta information to assist with higher rankings in the search engines. We have the experience and expertise to make sure that we don't over do these weight factors which would result in an over-optimization penalty from search engines and ultimately your website would be pushed down the rankings.
  3. Navigation Structure
    It is paramount that the search engine spiders can follow through the internal links of your website. Digi Craft has the ability to work with many types of websites from basic HTML to database driven websites as well. If your website has over three layers of depth, a subpage within a subpage of a main page, we highly recommend ordering a Digi Craft SEO plan that includes a site map, because it will help link the pages that are deep within your website. Not only are site maps SEO friendly but they are also a great help to visitors of your website. We also take in account of the more important pages to your website. Our custom SEO plan allows us to create a method to help drive more qualified traffic to those pages from search engines and from within your own website.

8. What is PageRank™ and how does it work?
PageRank™ was developed at Stanford University by Larry Page (hence the name Page-Rank) and later Sergey Brin as part of a research project about a new kind of search engine. The project started in 1995 and led to a functional prototype, named Google, in 1998. Shortly after, Page and Brin founded Google Inc., the company behind the Google search engine. While just one of many factors which determine the ranking of Google search results, PageRank™ continues to provide the basis for all of Google's web search tools.

Google describes PageRank™:
" PageRank™ relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page's value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important"."

In other words, a PageRank™ results from a "ballot" among all the other pages on the World Wide Web about how important a page is. A hyperlink to a page counts as a vote of support. The PageRank™ of a page is defined recursively and depends on the number and PageRank™ metric of all pages that link to it ("incoming links"). A page that is linked to by many pages with high PageRank™ receives a high rank itself. If there are no links to a web page there is no support for that page.

Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet; this PageRank™ denotes a site's importance in the eyes of Google. The PageRank™ is derived from a theoretical probability value on a logarithmic scale like the Richter Scale. The PageRank™ of a particular page is roughly based upon the quantity of inbound links as well as the PageRank™ of the pages providing the links. It is known that other factors, e.g. relevance of search words on the page and actual visits to the page reported by the Google toolbar also influence the PageRank™. In order to prevent manipulation, spoofing and Spamdexing, Google provides no specific details about how other factors influence PageRank™.

PageRank™ information courtesy of

9. Do I need inbound and outbound links to and from my website?
The best way to answer this question is to define what the difference is between inbound and outbound links.

Increased SEO results are also dependent upon inbound links. Having links from outside sources to pages within your website is crucial to increasing your website's ranking. Where these links come from doesn't matter, and you won't have to risk being penalized, because search engines recognize that a webmaster has no control over other sites linking to theirs. There are exceptions to this rule and that is where Digi Craft comes in to make sure your website is meeting compliance standards through your SEO practices

Our Digi Craft SEO professionals can help with placing your website on other websites that compete with your PageRank™ which in turn will help increase your own website's PageRank™. This type of SEO plan would be considered a custom plan and can be assembled based on your needs and budget. No matter how many inbound links your site may have it is nearly impossible to calculate the effect of inbound links with any realistic accuracy, however our software does have the ability to give us the feedback required to make the right decisions on what was most effective to your websites SEO practices.

Outbound links are those that link outward from your site to an external website. It is very important to make sure you have a team of professionals keeping an eye on your outbound links because they do in affect "leak" PageRank™. In order to prevent the leak from draining it is important to counter the drain by having reciprocal links placed on the other parties website. Without our Digi Craft SEO software to perform the calculations on specific link structures, it is difficult to decide on the right page to link out from, but the generalization is to link from the one with the lowest PageRank™. We do have the ability to create outbound links that do not leak PageRank™ and this is the case for websites that want to link to larger websites that will in no way include a reciprocal link. Please make sure your Digi Craft SEO plan includes SEO for outbound links because you could be risking your ranking without even knowing it.

10. What are SEO driving articles and how do they help with PageRank™?
Custom Article Marketing Programs - If your interest is in writing publication quality articles which get submitted to only the highest quality sites, our Custom Article Marketing Program is the choice for you.

11. My website ranking dropped, what could have happened?
When your website ranking drops significantly it can be a very disheartening experience. Digi Craft SEO plans are available to make sure your website ranking doesn't experience a substantial drop. Some things that affect your ranking are as followed:

  1. Fluctuation
    Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are always in constant fluctuation for major search engines. This constant flux can take place on a daily basis. Unfortunately you could be in the top ten one day and the next day you could appear on page five. Digi Craft recommends that you give your website a couple of days to see the balance as it may come back with in a day or two due to fluctuation.
  2. Broken Links
    If you have any dead links within your website it can cause you to have a big hit in your rankings. Digi Craft's SEO software is able to detect these broken links before they become a major issue. Once our SEO plan is implemented a website could rebound within a couple of days.
  3. Stop Words
    Google calls these words "Stop" or "Poison" words that can potentially drop you a few spots in your rankings. These may include Adult words or commonly words like Links, Search Engine, Bookmarks, Resources, Directory, BBS, Paid-to-Surf and Forum. Our Digi Craft SEO professionals will help advise you on whether or not your content meets search engine compliances.
  4. Outgoing Links to Bad Websites
    Having a link to a banned website or a bad neighborhood can drastically affect your website rankings. If a website is no longer indexed in a search engine, and you are linking to it, this can also affect your website rankings. Beware of bad websites like link farms and if it looks like a bunch of links going all over the place with little to no content, it probably isn't worth taking the chance linking to it.
  5. Using Black Hat SEO Techniques
    This will result in your domain name getting banned from indexing. We are 100% against these types of tactics as they will do nothing positive to help your website ranking. Usually the culprit of this is having hidden text and cloaking content, but once this content is removed it could take several days, weeks or months to bounce back from this type of hit, depending upon the nature of the offense. Digi Craft SEO does not condone any of these types of procedures and strongly advises against them.

12. What are the main differences between Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo! search engines?

  1. Ask
    • looks at relevant communities
    • heavy emphasis on relevant communities so it makes it hard to rank sites unless heavily cited from their relevant community
    • limited market share doesn't warrant much attention unless your site requires a vertical with strong brand significance to drive traffic
  2. Google
    • been around for many years
    • better then other search engines when deciding if a link is a organic reference
    • looks for natural link growth over time
    • heavy bias to informational resources during search results
    • a page, or sub-domain, of a website can rank better when containing searchable keywords and content
    • ability to filter out pages with similar content and eliminate duplicate results
    • ability to filter out term within page content
    • spider-ability determined by link quantity and quality
    • off topic reciprocal links don't work well here
  3. MSN Search
    • new to search engine ability
    • not good with deciding if a link is a organic reference or not
    • place too much weight on page content to make up for bad organic link reference
    • heavy bias to commercial results due to poor relevancy algorithms
    • accepting to burst of recent links
    • new sites can rank quickly versus other search engines that qualify first
    • off topic reciprocal links still work here
  4. Yahoo!
    • been around for many years
    • better then MSN but not as good as Google when deciding if a link is a organic reference or not
    • contains a lot of content and has paid inclusion programs that turn commercial results
    • off topic reciprocal links still work here

13. What is the future of SEO?
We predict the future of SEO would consist of the following changes

  1. Relevant web pages containing one-way text links to your website will be some of the most valuable links
  2. Niche directory submission will increase
  3. Public relation based article submission will increase
  4. Article based submission websites will play a big role to online publishers who create quality articles linking to quality websites. These satisfy search engine compliances and criteria due to the ability to include links, credible information and it helps educate your referring visitor.
  5. User popularity (is the website user friendly, well developed and have quality content) is just as important as link popularity because it will increase quality traffic and increase repeat traffic
  6. Link buying's "shotgun blast" techniques will decline
  7. Reciprocal linking with other websites will decline
  8. Link requests through mass emails will decline
  9. Free online directory submission will decline

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