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Free Professional Analysis and Proposal

Free Professional Analysis and Proposal
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Is the sun hot or cold?

Testimonials From Our Customers

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Benjamin Warren Productions, LLC
  • Nex Gen Motorsports
  • Mid Florida Dermatology Associates
  • Dean Johnston, M.D., F.A.C.S., Inc.
  • Formosa Homes™
  • Two Left Feet Events
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Yellow Stripes Making the Driver
  • Logan Eye Care
  • Topper Publications
  • The Coffee Cafe
  • Hello USA and Hello Florida
  • Relax In Comfort
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure™
  • On the Mark Investments Corp.
  • Parker Eye Center
  • Florida Investment Property Renovations
  • Lake Mary Life Magazine

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Success Stories and Credibility

Testimonials From Our Customers
  • Black Eyed Peas Logo
  • Live Nation Logo
  • Hello USA Logo
  • NBC Universal Orlando Resort
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo
  • Mary J Blige Logo
  • National Retail Federation Logo
  • Disney Adventures Magazine
  • Universal Studios

Search Engine Optimization - Build Your Own Subscription Package

Custom Subscription Package - Search Engine Optimization


Website Type & Size
open5 Pages and Smaller
open10 Pages and Smaller
open15 Pages and Smaller
open20 Pages and Smaller
open21 + Pages
Keywords, Key Phrases and Meta Information
openKeyword / Key Phrase Analysis
openKeyword / Key Phrase Prioritizing
openMonthly Keyword / Key Phrase Updates
openCompetitor Keyword / Key Phrase Research
openKeyword / Key Phrase Research
openBest Focus Keyword / Key Phrase Info
openMonthly Meta Tag Updates
openMonthly Title Tag Updates
openMonthly Description Updates
Search Engine Compatibility
openGoogle Ranking Report
openW3C Compliance Reports
openSearch Engine Friendly Site Map
openSubmission to Popular Search Engines
openYahoo! Ranking Report
openBing Ranking Report
openSearch Engine Friendly URL's
Website Content
openReview of Site Content
openReview of Site Structure
openReview of Blog Content
openContent Analysis and Consultation
openImage Tag Optimization
openTitle Attribute Optimization
openEvaluation of Duplicate Content
openRemoval of Bad Neighborhood Links
openOptimize E-commerce Categories
openOptimize E-commerce Products
Website Technical
openDevelop Website Internal Links
openPrevent Shadow Domain Names
openUpdate Search Engine Crawl Rate
openSuggested Inbound / Outbound Links
openIntegrate RSS Feeds
openUpdate Robot.txt File
openDiagnose: Errors, 404, Time Out
openCheck PCI Compliance *1yr contract required
openCheck Website Hack *1yr contract required
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Not all companies are the same - Digi Craft sets the standard for Online Marketing and Advertising with websites and ecommerce.

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